2016.1 Mr. Matsumoto became president & CEO.


2011.7 Opened “share KARASUMA” as an incubational share office for entrepreneurs in the center of Kyoto city.
2011.6 Mr. Imajo became president & CEO.


2009.7 FVC Advisers Co., Ltd. was established to offer management consulting services.


2008.2 Organization changed to a “Two headquarters” system (The Business Promotion HQ & The Administration HQ).


2007.6 The Aomori Office was established in Aomori, Aomori Prefecture.
2007.3 The Sakai Office was established in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.
2007.1 The Fostering & Support HQ was established.
The Shiga Office was established in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.
The “Sakai Venture Development Fund” was set up.


2006.9 FVC’s market listing was modified from the “Growth” section to the “Standard” section of Osaka Securities Exchange Hercules (now JASDAQ).
2006.9 The Ehime Office was established in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
2006.7 The Hamamatsu Office was established in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
2006.2 In a first for the company, FVC opened its second fund in the same region when the “Iwate Venture Development No.2” fund was set up.


2005.12 Subscription to the “FVC Growth” fund closes, with funds totaling 10 billion yen.
2005.10 The “Challenge Yamagata Industrial Development” fund was set up.
2005.8 The “FVC Growth” fund was set up as a large-scale fund for institutional investors.
2005.8 The Kobe office was established in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
The “Kobe Venture Development” fund was set up.
2005.7 The Yamagata Office was established in Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture.
2005.7 The “Shiga Venture Promotion Fund” was set up.
2005.2 The “Yamato Venture Enterprise Development Fund” was set up.


2004.4 The Mie Office was established in Tsu, Mie Prefecture.
2004.3 In partnership with the Kanto Tsukuba Bank (Head Office: Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture), the “Tsukuba Venture Enterprise Development” fund was set up.
2004.1 Investment was received from local financial institutions etc. in Mie Prefecture, and the “Mie New Industry Creation” fund was set up.


2003.12 Introduction of a “Three Headquarters” system (Investment HQ, Fund Raising HQ, and Administration HQ).


2002.8 Kyocera Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Murata Machinery, Ltd., and Nippon Shinyaku Ltd. became stockholders by third-party allocation of stock.
2002.7 The “Make Kansai Energetic Group” fund was set up to invigorate the Kansai region’s economy.
2002.5 The Iwate Office was established in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.
2002.5 The “Kyoto Innovation Development” fund was set up with the aim of investing in venture companies originating from universities
2002.4 The “Future Angel No.1” fund was set up for private investors.
2002.4 Investment was received from local financial institutions etc. in Iwate Prefecture, and the “Iwate Venture Development” fund was set up.


2001.11 The Tokyo Branch was established.
2001.11 The “Future VB” fund was set up, to be operated as a venture business portfolio investment corporation in partnership with Mitsui Sumitomo Asset Management Ltd.
2001.10 FVC was listed on NASDAQ Japan (now Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ).
2001.2 After receiving our first investment from a local government, the “Ishikawa Prefecture Venture Development” fund was set up.
2001.2 The Kanazawa Office was established in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.


2000.12 Nextware Ltd. beccame our first portfolio company to be listed, on NASDAQ Japan (now Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ).


1999.12 Acquisition of Investment Advisor License.
1999.6 The “Future No.2” fund was set up, and investment was received from the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation (now, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation) – its first such investment in private VC.


1998.11 The “Future No.1” fund was set up, the first investment partnership in Japan.
1998.9 Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (FVC) established in Kyoto.